Internally Driven

18 Aug Focus On Becoming Internally Driven

Excerpt from Swami Mukundananda's lecture on the Art of Mind Management. We focus so much on our external accomplishments that we forget to improve ourselves from within. Our values are such that we are always externally driven. We think, “What will people consider as success? What...

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04 Mar What is the cause of stress?

Does hard work create stress?  Absolutely not.  That is the biggest misconception possible.  Hard work can never stress us.  We could work from morning to night and still be relaxed.  So then what is the cause of stress? The answer is, “Our attachment to outcomes”. When we...

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10 Jul Our search for true love

We are all searching for that perfect lover, soul mate or companion who will complete us forever. There is a deep longing within all of us to meet that perfect someone who will be the answer to all our problems, who will understand us like...

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