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30 Apr Practice Karm Yog in the 21st Century

Shree Krishna asked Arjun to practice Karm Yog. Karm Yog means to keep the mind engaged in God and continue performing your duties with the body.  How can we practice Karm Yog in the 21st century? That is a million dollar question.

We too can become Karm Yogis like Arjun by understanding what Shree Krishna taught us.  When Shree Krishna said, “Keep the mind in me”, what he meant was to keep the mind attached in him.  All of us, even when we work keep our mind attached somewhere else.  For example, you work in the office and you don’t like it, your mind is not attached to the work.  Your mind is attached to the family or the money you earn out of your job.  Somebody is attached to golf and he wonders, “When will it be evening, and I’ll get to play golf.”

All day long in the world, we work without attachment to our work because our mind is attached in other places.  95% of all our behavior in the world is done without attachment.  Whether you are a marketing agent or a manager, you do acting all day long.  This is also called etiquette.   Even the CEO of a billion dollar company when offered a higher salary and better position in another company, moves out.  He is not attached to his work.

Shree Krishna asks us to change the attachment of our mind.  Don’t work with your mind attached to your husband, wife, children, worldly pleasures or material success.  Don’t attach your mind anywhere in the world.  Keep your mind attached to the Lord and keep doing your work.

The work will go on like before only our attachment will change.  Such attachment in God will also bring equanimity in success and failure and the ability to perform our work without attachment to results.  Just like a nurse takes care of a patient with love, care and complete attention.  But there is no attachment.  She looks upon it as her duty and leaves the rest to God. Similarly, we have to learn to practice Karm Yog in the 21st century.


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  • Preeti Malhotra
    Posted at 09:56h, 30 April Reply

    Thank you for this great advice Swamiji! Attachment to God is a result of true knowledge and faith. As we grow on the spiritual path, we learn that though material and spiritual sciences are separate entities, they can easily be combined through the practice of Karm Yog. This allows us to dedicate all our thoughts, actions, and ultimately our will to God. I appreciate your loving guidance through such notes that illuminate our intellect.

    • Karan Dhiman
      Posted at 15:25h, 01 May Reply

      Surrendered to Learning & Learning to Surrender. 🙂
      This is what makes me completely understood and convinced about SMJ’s eternal philosophy. Perhaps knowledge, power, faith, discipline, contribution, sincerity, practice, detachments etc will keep trafficking in life without a notice.
      Fighting with Maya everyday.. its becoming difficult though surrendership is one of the feelings which is little easier to maintain snd grow as Shere Krishna desires
      .. Radhey Radhey 🙂

  • Pragya Sinha
    Posted at 09:11h, 01 May Reply

    So true ‘mann Hari me tan jagat me’ , only if we are able to bring it into practise we will have objectivity in our approach and would be released of all our karmic bondage. Very lucidly explained, Radhey Radhey Swamiji

  • Brahma
    Posted at 06:30h, 02 May Reply

    Practice and you will be a perfect karm yogi

  • Ms Sandhya Das
    Posted at 06:41h, 10 May Reply

    Beautiful example given by Swamiji . Just like a nurse takes care of a patient with love, care and complete attention. But there is no attachment. She looks upon it as her duty and leaves the rest to God. Similarly, we have to learn to practice Karm Yog in the 21st century..
    Shree Krisha says in Bhagavad Gita -“The one who remains the same towards friend or foe, in honor or disgrace, in heat or cold, in pleasure or pain; who is free from attachment is very dear to me.”.

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