08 Apr Make your heart a temple of God

If we wish to reach the goal of life, which is God-realization, we must work towards the purification of our heart.  We must strive to make our heart into a temple of God in which we bring Radha Krishna and our Gurudev alone.  However, we...

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12 Aug Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 7 (Bhakti-Yog)

Part 7 – Supreme Bliss in the path of Bhakti Yog 

This article expounds the sweetness of Bhakti Yog in comparison to other paths of spirituality, particularly Gyan Yog.  Even the greatest gyani Shankracharya engaged in devotion to God because there is no other way to relish the bliss of Divine Love.

An incredible characteristic of God’s creation is the variety that exists in it, and to cater to varied interests of all people God has mercifully laid down different paths to reach Him.  There is the path of karm-kand where rituals prescribed in the Vedas take precedence in devotion, Gyan Yog where the principle is ‘soham’ or in other words the devotees declare their own selves to be God, and the path of Bhakti Yog in which devotees engage in loving devotion to God.  People are free to choose their spiritual paths as they like based on their inclinations and interests.  But for people who are engaged in Bhakti Yog and are experiencing the bliss of sweet association with the personal form of God, other paths seem absolutely insipid. So, Shri Kripaluji Maharaj in His kirtan “jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē” says,

gyānahum nāhiṁ suhāve rē”.

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