13 Aug Karm Yog – Who is a Karm Yogi?

In our earlier articles, we briefly touched upon the topic of being a 'Sanyasi' and also introduced the path of action, Karm Yog.

Who is a true Karm Yogi? To learn that, let us understand through The 'Bhagavad Gita', the pitfalls of being a 'Sanyasi', especially in the modern day context and in the age of Kaliyug. Attracted by the lure of an ascetic life, people often renounce their work, only to discover later that their renunciation is not accompanied by an equal amount of mental and intellectual withdrawal from the sensual fields. This creates a situation of hypocrisy where one displays an external show of religiosity while internally living a life of ignoble sentiments and base motives. Hence, it is better to face the struggles of the world as a karm yogi, than to lead the life of a false ascetic. Running away from the problems of life by prematurely taking sanyās is not the way forward in the journey of the evolution of the soul.
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