09 Oct Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 12 (Soul Beloved)


In this world all our relations are temporary, but there is one unique relation we have with God and that alone is eternal.  Devotees realize the intimacy of this relation and thus see God as their soul-beloved.

In the third stanza of the keertan “jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē”, Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj states:

jo madhura bhāva apnāvē rē

yāmēṁ chārihuṁ bhāva samāvē rē

jo nija sukha ura nahiṁ rākhē, prēma rasa soī chākhē rē 

One who loves Shree Krishna in the conjugal sentiment as the Divine Beloved, in which the other four sentiments are naturally included, such a person, who abandons his or her personal happiness for the sake of the Beloved’s Happiness, tastes the bliss of Divine Love.

Let us here discuss the relationship with God.  Our relationship with God is unique, because it is the only relationship that is permanent, our all other relations in this world are temporary. On the cremation ground, the pandit who performs the funeral rites gives a twig to each of the family members of the deceased, and asks them to break it. The family members snap the twig into two. The pandit tells them, “Just as this twig was so delicate and broke so easily, that was the nature of your relationship with the deceased person.” But we don’t realize it – that one day, this is all going to end.
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02 Sep Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 9 (Heaven and Hell)

Part 9: Heaven And Hell are Equal

A devotee who genuinely aspires to attain God’s Divine Love sees no difference between Heaven and Hell.  Celestial abodes may have far superior material comforts yet they are under the influence of material nature, and take the soul away from God.

Shree Kripaluji Maharaj in his keertan “jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē”, summarized the essence of attaining Divine Love of God, which is the highest form of bliss one can ever achieve in this whole universe.  Line after line, he gently explains the things we need to do or be wary of in order to purify our heart and receive the grace of God.  Thus He goes further and states:

jo swarga naraka sama jānē rē

That person who considers celestial heaven to be equal to hell will get Divine Love.

Often, people question if earth is the only planet where life exists.  But it is interesting to ponder that, if life existed only on our planet, what purpose would innumerable stars in the sky serve?  If God has created such an immense universe, it is very likely that there is life on other planets as well.
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30 Jul Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 6 (Devotion)

Part 6 – Devotion inspired by Love 


The article describes the two kinds of devotion, one dominated by rituals and the other inspired by love. While rituals are relevant at the beginning of one’s spiritual journey, they gradually become insignificant as Love for God overrules external devotion.

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj in His divine kirtan “jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē” instructs devotees that in order to attain Divine Love they will have to be cautious of rituals laid out in the ‘karm-kand’ portion of the Scriptures.  The rituals have their own relevance in initiating the spiritual advancement of an individual but are in no way helpful in attaining the supreme goal of Divine Love.  People who do not realize this fact end up entangled in rituals and performing merely external devotion. They however never advance to building an inner connection with God or grasping internal devotion. 

karm-kand’ will not suffice in making us cross the ocean of Maya and meeting our soul Beloved. Therefore the Scriptures state that as internal devotion enhances, the importance of the rituals automatically slips out of your mind.

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23 Jul Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 5 (Karm and Gyan)

Part 5 – Understanding Karm-Kand and Gyan

  Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj’s keertan ‘jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē’ begins with the knowledge of surrendering to God. Shree Maharajji puts down the first condition for traversing the path of Divine Love and says, “Only that soul who keeps his or her desire in the desire of the Beloved shall attain Divine Love”. We souls have only witnessed the false love of material realm where love is more of a business transaction and each person seeks his/her own happiness alone. But in the spiritual realm a soul finds true happiness only in serving God and Guru. The first stanza of the keertan is as follows:

jehi karma na nekahuṁ bhāvē rē

jehi gyānahum nāhiṁ suhāvē rē

jo yoga dūri kari rākhē, prēma rasa soī chakhē rē

One who does not relish the practices of rites and rituals and who is not interested in the practice of the Gyan Yog philosophy Such a person, who stays away from the practice of the Ashtang Yog path, tastes the Bliss of Divine Love. 

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19 Jul Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 4 (Surrender)

Part 4 – Surrender

  With an intense yearning for the highest bliss i.e. Divine Love of God we have set out on a journey back to our Divine home. But a journey without the knowledge of right directions will lead us nowhere. If you wish to get out of the room, but you keep trying to get out through the wall without any knowledge of the door, you are not going to get very far. Likewise, in spiritual journey it is essential that along with desire we find the most suitable path to attain Divine Love and then follow it with faith. The Vedic scriptures which are an authority on spiritual knowledge clearly tell us about the path we ought to follow. Spirituality is not a matter of metal concoction; there are appropriate procedures and guidelines that need to be understood. Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj has summarized the path of attaining God in His ecstatic and profoundly meaningful keertan ‘jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē’. Even as He has concisely revealed the essence of attaining Divine Love in each line, with good understanding an aspirant can derive the benefit of a lecture from each of these lines. Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj says in the first line:

“jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē, prēma rasa soī chakhē rē”

“That soul, who keeps his or her desire in the desire of the Divine Beloved, will get Prem Ras”.

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10 Jul Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 2 (Divine Love)

Part 2 – Ambition for Divine Love

  Shree Krishna is the biggest rasik of all and is rightly called Rasik Shiromani, which means the crest jewel of rasiks. Yet we learn from the scriptures that Shree Krishna is enslaved by His devotees.

aham bhakta-parādhino, hy asvatantra iva dvija (Bhagavatam 9.4.63)

Shree Krishna says in the Bhagavatam, “I am not independent. I am a slave of my Devotees.”

But we also know that He is ‘Atmaram’. Atmaram refers to that personality who is complete in Himself. He does not need anything from the external world to make Him happy. He is ever blissful. But even beyond the bliss of ‘Swarūpanand’ which he experiences Himself, lies the bliss of ‘Swarūpshaktyanand’. It is the bliss of His ‘yogmaya energy’ that he grants to His devotees. The bliss of ‘Swarūpshaktyanand’ is much sweeter than His own bliss and therefore Shree Krishna sits in the hearts of His devotees and relishes it.
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30 Jun Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 1 (Prem Ras)

Part 1 – Prema Ras

  Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj has created an ocean of blissful keertans for His devotees to drown in.  Every keertan in its simple words describes the true nature of devotion to God and our eternal relation with Him.  Though all the keertans are very special, this particular chanting called ‘jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē’ is the most incredible from a philosophic point of view. Sage Narad had described the philosophy of Bhakti in 84 sutras (aphorisms) in his writing,  ‘Narad Bhakti Darshan’.  However, what Devarishi Narad Muni could not say in 84 aphorisms, Kripaluji Maharaj has very effortlessly put in a few lines.  So if spiritual aspirants understand the divine meaning of this keertan, there is nothing that remains to be understood on the topic of Divine Love. Let us understand the very first line of the keertan:

jo piya ruchi mahaṁ ruchi rākhē, prēma rasa soī chakhē rē

The Bliss of Divine Love is tasted by the one who keeps his or her desire in the desire of the Beloved.

Here, Shree Maharajji explains how we can get ‘Prem Ras’. You may have noticed that this word ‘Ras’ figures repeatedly in Shree Maharaj Ji’s writings.  His primary book on philosophy is ‘Prem Ras Siddhant’.  His primary keertan book is ‘Prem Ras Madira’.  Apart from that, he has written ‘Braj Ras Madhuri’, ‘Yugal Ras’, ‘Saras Ras’, etc.
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