19 Jun A Matter of Time

Time occupies a pivotal role in the functioning of this Universe. Its importance is often understated and lost in clichés such as ‘Time and tide waits for no man’. We all know that most events in our daily life occur on the basis of time. From the ubiquitous sunrise to the birth of a baby, everything hinges on the passage of time. There is no aspect in this cosmos that does not rely on time. Every major civilization developed a method of measuring time at various points in history. The hourglass and the sundial were amongst the most ingenious of solutions. Modern science has given us the atomic clock, powered by nuclear energy and is said to the most precise time keeping device in history. Yet, plotting the movement of the sun, the moon and the stars has always provided the most reliable methods of measuring time. Using these tools, man has always tried to guess the age of this Universe, the starting seconds of the Big Bang and even guess the time when ‘Time’ began!
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