The world is perfect

The soul is on a journey and this journey did not begin upon birth, nor is it going to end upon death.  It’s a journey that is continuing from infinite lifetimes.
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Date: 2nd May 2015

Brilliance of God manifests in the world all around us.  Tiniest of atoms to the largest of galaxies, each creation of God is a reflection of the perfection with which He has created this world.  In fact, the Vedas say that the world is a veritable form of God. They even go on to state the God himself becomes the world.  Just as a spider takes the out from itself—it does not make the web with any external material—similarly God does not use any external material for the creation of the world; he becomes the world himself through his energies.  So there is no question of God’s creation being flawed; the world is perfect.

However when we see the world stricken with wars, natural calamities and so much chaos, we wonder is it true that the world is perfect?  If so what really is that perfection?  The answer is that God has created this world perfectly for the evolution of our soul.

The soul is on a journey and this journey did not begin upon birth, nor is it going to end upon death.  It’s a journey that is continuing from infinite lifetimes.   We are all in this journey – evolving, learning, and developing.  The difficulties and hardships existing here are also a part of the perfection.  They are perfectly placed there for a purpose.

Now if the world is perfect why do we experience such imperfect experiences?   Living in this world why do we constantly experience tension, fear, anxiety, and stress?  The reason for such experiences in this perfect world of God is our own mind.  Our experience of the world is filtered through the perceptions of our mind.  Hence it is the mind that creates perceptions of anxiety, fear, stress and every other kind of human emotion.

When we experience distress we immediately look for defects in the world.  Our intellect tells our problems are in the world, but the Vedas tell the problem is in our own mind.  Our first and foremost focus should always be to correct our own mind; to cleanse and purify it.  Those souls who purified their mind experience the bliss of God in every atom of his creation.  Hence, Lord Shiv told Parvati: “Uma if a fortunate soul is able to finish blemishes of desire, anger, and pride, that fortunate soul sees the form of God in every atom of creation.”

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Preeti Malhotra
Preeti Malhotra
02/05/2015 4:13 am

With the purification of the heart and cleansing of the mind, the pollution subsides and the divinity of God shines through all of His creation.

It is therefore important to take self responsibility for our perspective in life, as nothing is really good or bad, it is our thinking that makes it so. As we work on ourself and drop our own imperfections, the world then appears untainted to us since our mind doesn’t resonate with the lower thoughts any longer.

Thank you Swamiji for reminding us that God’s creation is perfect as it is Him that pervades it all.

Ms Sandhya Das
Ms Sandhya Das
02/05/2015 4:51 pm

God has created this world perfectly for the evolution of our soul..Everything in God’s creation has a purpose to fulfill. There are no mistakes in His creation. God is all perfect.Desires, anger, zealousness and pride are the root cause of the disturbance of our mind. And these are the main obstacles in our journey .Beautiful explanation by Swami Mukundanandaji.

Dipak mohapatra
Dipak mohapatra
18/05/2015 6:32 pm

Write your comment here…from very first if a person take decesion this world is perfect then he will be remain attach with maya and think i m ok.

Omkar Lakuri
Omkar Lakuri
16/10/2021 2:53 pm


It is easy to read the knowledge of God but very tough to follow…

After practice it may become easy to follow but very tough to stick all the time with the knowledge of God.

To Keep practicing is the only way of knowing God. While practicing we may fail many times. But try again & again & keep moving on is the right approach.

Am I right……?

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