Our Relationship with God – Part 2

We established earlier that Shree Krishna is our eternal father and our eternal relationship is with Him alone.
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Date: 1st April 2014

We established earlier that Shree Krishna is our eternal father and our eternal relationship is with Him alone.

We could question, how does the body, made of the insentient power Maya, display the symptoms of consciousness, and work as if it is sentient? Is this not astonishing? The mind travels faster than the wind. Seeing that the mind is made from the insentient power Maya, how is this possible? Actually, this can be explained easily. the presence of the soul is making the senses, mind and intellect function as if they are sentient. When the soul makes its departure – we call this phenomenon death – the body and the sense-organs still exist, but they do not function any longer. The eyes are intact, but they do not see.

We must clearly understand this distinction between the body and the soul. The ignorant ones consider themselves to be the body, while the wise look upon themselves as the soul. From this, we may conclude that those who have not attained God are the ones who think they are the body, and who have been consequently living in ignorance since eternity.

The simple truth that we are the soul and not the body is so easy to comprehend, yet in unlimited lifetimes we have failed to understand it. Even those who think they comprehend this truth are mistaken. If we had truly understood that we are the soul, then how could we remain attached to the world? Why would we persist in running after the objects of the senses? As Divine souls, our subject cannot be the world of matter. All that causes bondage is nothing but mind alone. If we attach it to a tamasic person or object, we will go to the nether worlds after death. if we attach it to a rajasic person or object, we will return to this earth, and if we attach it to a sattvik personality or object, we will go to heaven, a temporary attainment. And if we attach it to the Supreme Power, we will attain liberation and Divine bliss. It is that clear and absolute.

So we have to accept only one fact: “Shyamsundar alone is mine, because I am the soul, not the body.” This is the simple truth. What leaves upon death? The soul. What remains? That which belongs to the soul; that which you call the dead body. This means that the soul is different from the body. The body is material, while the soul is Divine. Being Divine it cannot be perceived even by great scientists using the most sophisticated techniques. Scientists have gone to the extent of enclosing a dying man in a sealed glass box. They wanted to see the soul, but did not succeed, because the soul, being Divine, is imperceptible.

Moreover, since the soul is a part and parcel of God, it is only upon attaining God that the soul can attain peace and happiness which it has been eternally craving. Our Vedas and Shastras boldly proclaim that the individual soul is the body of the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul, Paramatma, is the Soul of the soul. That is how close our relationship with Shree Krishna is.

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Sandhya Das
Sandhya Das
25/05/2014 5:01 pm

The man who sees me(God) in everything
and everything within me
will not be lost to me, nor
will I (God) ever be lost to him.
This is our relationship with God.

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