13 Jul Karm Yog – Should I be a Sanyasi?

In our previous discussion about Karm-Yog and working without desires, we learnt how to work without worrying much about the fruit of action. This forms the essence of Karm-Yog. There is another path known as Karm Sanyas, and many intellectuals debate hard on which path is the best one to take.

Is Karm-Yog is best one or is it Karm Sanyas? Some people think that Karm Sanyas is superior and hence the best and only way towards Krishna consciousness. What is Karm Sanyas?

Renouncing your profession and family to practice sadhana is the path of Karm Sanyas.  The word 'Sanyas' means renounce or give up. The life of a renunciate is not cakewalk as it may seem from far.   Many difficulties, obstacles and issues need to be resolved, just as in any worldly vocation.  At the moment, you may find that along with practicing your profession and family life, you are unable to remember God and Guru, and you wish to take Sanyas.  If you were to tread the path of a Sanyasi, and then realize that you are still unable to remember God and Guru as intensely as required, what would be the situation? You would neither be a true Sanyasi nor a Karm Yogi.

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02 Jul Karm Yog – Working Without Desire

Karm Yog requires detachment from the fruits of actions. Such detachment comes by practicing discrimination with the intellect. Hence, Shree Krishna has interestingly called it buddhi yog, or “Yog of the Intellect.”

Having motivated Arjun from the mundane level, Shree Krishna now moves deeper into the science of work. Arjun had expressed his fear that by killing his enemies he would incur sin. Shree Krishna addresses this apprehension. He advises Arjun to do his duty, without attachment to the fruits of his actions. Such an attitude to work will release him from any sinful reactions. When we work with selfish motives, we create karmas, which bring about their subsequent karmic reactions.

The Māṭhar Śhruti states,

“If you do good deeds, you will go to the celestial abodes; if you do bad deeds, you will go to the nether regions; if you do a mixture of both, you will come back to the planet Earth.”

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16 Jun Karm Yog for Everyone – Stress Relief

In our previous article on Karm Yog, we discussed the importance of working or serving without attachment. Extending our learning of how to implement the principles of Karm Yog, how do we learn to de-stress ourselves?

When we are in satsang, we feel relaxed, de-stressed and at peace with everything. But as we leave the satsang and continue with our daily chores, the stress level increases.  How do we relieve stress permanently?

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01 Apr Our Relationship with God – Part 2

We established earlier that Shree Krishna is our eternal father and our eternal relationship is with Him alone. We could question, how does the body, made of the insentient power Maya, display the symptoms of consciousness, and work as if it is sentient? Is this not astonishing? The mind travels faster than the wind. Seeing that the mind is made from the insentient power Maya, how is this possible? Actually, this can be explained easily. the presence of the soul is making the senses, mind and intellect function as if they are sentient. When the soul makes its departure - we call this phenomenon death - the body and the sense-organs still exist, but they do not function any longer. The eyes are intact, but they do not see.
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01 Oct Jo Piya Ruchi Maha Ruchi Rakhe – 11

Part 11:

In continuation to his instructions, Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj states another gem of Divine wisdom for the benefit of spiritual aspirants. He states:

"nahiṁ r̥iddhi siddhi ura rākhē"

“Such a devotee shall attain Divine Love who desires neither material opulence nor mystic powers.” We are all acquainted with riddhi, it refers to the material wealth and opulence. Everyone in this world wishes to possess riddhi, so much, that one is never quite satiated.  There is yet one another thing in this keertan that Shree Maharajji draws our attention to.  He talks about siddhis which refers to mystic powers. The mystic abilities are of two kinds: fraudulent and genuine.
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